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International workshop Bipolar Plates for PEM technology, May 2015
– coatings, manufacturing, test methods and parameters.

Presentations from the workshop

Venue and date:

Fronius Manufacturing and Logistic Facilities, Sattledt, Austria, May 20th 2015

The transportation sector is preparing for zero emission mobility and leading automobile manufacturers are beginning to launch fuel cell vehicles. Energy companies are correspondingly preparing for large scale production and distribution of hydrogen to cover the increasing fuel demand. Bipolar plates still contribute significantly to stack costs, and progress is needed to meet the cost and lifetime targets

COBRA and STAMPEM are two FCH JU funded projects focusing on bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells, covering base material and coating development, test methods and parameters, processing and manufacturing. Results and development status of these two projects will be presented, and in addition, other central actors are invited to present their technology, concepts and research focus.

Published April 24, 2015