Day 1 May 3rd, session 1

09:00 Welcome, introduction of the SH2IFT project (SINTEF) PDF,  Video

09:15 Liquid hydrogen BLEVE experiments (K.v. Wingerden, Gexcon) PDF, Video

09:45 Liquid hydrogen RPT experiments (K.v. Wingerden, Gexcon) PDF, Video from 31:35

10:15 Break

10:30 Liquid hydrogen RPT modelling (L. Odsæter, SINTEF) PDF, Video

11:00 Liquid hydrogen BLEVE modelling (F. Ustolin, NTNU) PDF, Video

11:30 Lunch

Day 1 May 3rd, session 2

12:30 NORLED LH2 ferry (Ø. Knudsen, Gexcon)

13:00 PRESLHY project (M. Kuznetsov, KIT) PDF, Video

13:30 DNV LH2 experiments for Norwegian ferry project (D. Allason, DNV) PDF, Video

14:00 Break

14:15 Panel discussion LH2 safety (R&D, industry, authorities…) Video

15.15 Hydrogen safety from liquid to gaseous (O. Hansen, HYEX Safety) PDF, Video

15:30 Summary of the first day

15:45 End of day 1

Day 2 May 4th, session 3

09:00 Welcome to day 2 (SINTEF)

09:10 Public acceptance of hydrogen (C. George, TØI) PDF, Video

09:40 Gaseous hydrogen jet-fire experiments (C. Meraner, RISE) PDF, Video

Videos: T13 (J90-2p), T20 (J45 and T9 (J90-1p)

10:10 Gaseous hydrogen jet-fire modelling (D. Muthusamy, Gexcon) PDF, Video

10:40 Break

Day 2 May 4th, session 4

11:00 HyTunnel (A. Gaathaug, USN)

11:30 Panel discussion GH2 safety (R&D, industry, authorities…) Video

12:30 Project summary (SINTEF) Video

12:45 SH2IFT 2 (T. Aarhaug, SINTEF) PDF, Video from 8:40 and Safe Energy Carriers - Safen JIP (L. Fløttum, Safetec) PDF, Video

13:00 End of workshop