The work packages will cover both technical and societal aspects of hydrogen technologies. The SH2IFT project will develop new models, perform large-scale fire and explosion experiments, and provide guidelines for use of hydrogen in industry and transport.

Work packages (WP)

  1. WP1 - Societal concerns and barriers
    Lead: the Institute of Transport Economics

  2. WP2 - Fire and explosion experiments
    Lead: Christian Michelsen Research

  3. WP3 - Gaseous hydrogen transport and use
    Lead: RISE Fire Research

  4. WP4 - Liquid hydrogen transport and use
    Lead: SINTEF Energy

  5. WP5 - Recommendations and guidelines
    Lead: SINTEF Industry

RISE Fire Research has developed and used the world’s largest plate thermometers as part of fire experiment. Photo: RISE Fire Research.