Clear goals, sustainability as a corporate policy, and technological expertise are the hallmarks of DYCKERHOFF. The company, which has been in the market for more than 150 years, ranks among the top brands in the construction industry today.

DYCKERHOFF covers the entire value chain, from the raw materials required, and production, to construction-related consulting and other services. The company offers solutions for hydraulic binders like

Portland and special cements,white Portland cements,special binders,lime-mixed products,mortars and ready-mixed concrete, and provides customers all around the world with high quality products.

DYCKERHOFF's production is adapted according to the latest findings in construction materials technology. DYCKERHOFF's research and development works on development of new binders and concretes for special applications and on environmentally friendly cement manufacturing like CO2 reduced calcium sulfoaluminate cements.

DYCKERHOFF is a company of Buzzi Unicem Group. Buzzi Unicem, located in Italy, operates production sites in 12 countries and employs 10,000 people worldwide.

Key figures
In Germany and Western Europe, DYCKERHOFF operates 153 sites (9 cement plants, 137 ready mix plants, 3 cement terminals and 4 aggregate quarries) with more than 2,000 employees. Additional sites are located in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in Poland, as well as in Russia and Ukraine.

Full name of the organization: Dyckerhoff GmbH
Short name of the organization: DYCK
Address: Dyckerhoff GmbH, P. O. Box 2247, D-65012 WIESBADEN, GERMANY
Contact person: Dirk Qvaeschning
Telephone: +49 611 6761736
E-mail address:
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