CBI Betonginstitutet AB (CBI Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute)

The CBI Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute (www.cbi.se) is 100 % owned by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (www.ri.se). The institute has ca. 90 employees and a turnover of ca. 8 million €. The Institute has its main office in Stockholm and offices in Borås and Lund. CBI has the most extensive accreditation in Sweden for test methods within the field of concrete, aggregate, cement and natural stone. The institute offers training courses about certification and special courses for experts and craftsmen in the field. CBI is actively involved in numerous national and international standardization activities within CEN, RILEM and other organizations.

The main research activities over the last years are in basic and applied research within the following areas: Self-compacting concrete, concrete rheology, and durability of concrete, sustainability of construction materials (LCA, LCC), ultra-high performance and textile reinforced concrete. CBI has concrete, chemistry and microscopy labs in Stockholm and Borås and analytical state of the art equipment ranging from rheometers, isothermal calorimeters to optical and scanning electron microscopes as well as X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis.

Full name of the organization: CBI Betonginstitutet AB
Short name of the organization: CBI
Address: Drottning Kristinas väg 26, Stockholm, 10044, Sweden
Contact person: Urs Müller
Telephone: +46 70-273 68 49
E-mail address:
Website - www.cbi.se