ACCIONA Infrastructure is an internationally recognized benchmark in construction, engineering, infrastructure management and R&D and Innovation. It has inherited from its founder companies a legacy of more than a hundred years of experience in construction activities, as well as a philosophy based on sustainability, quality, innovation and experience.

Our values

  • Sustainability. ACCIONA Infrastructure shows the utmost respect for the environment at all times. All its activities are based on the principle of sustainability.
  • Social commitment. ACCIONA Infrastructure ensures that all its activities aim at improving the quality of life in local communities where it is present.
  • Innovation. ACCIONA Infrastructure is committed to technological excellence by developing and implementing the most innovative construction systems in the execution of its projects.
  • Experience. ACCIONA Infrastructure's success rests on more than 100 years of activity and hundreds of projects.
  • Internacionalization. ACCIONA Infrastructure has opted for consolidation and international expansion as the cornerstones of development and growth and is to be found in more than 30 countries worldwide.

ACCIONA Infrastructure is familiar with every aspect of construction, from engineering to project execution, maintenance and also the management of public works awards.

Full name of the organization: ACCIONA Infrastructure S.A.
Short name of the organization: ACCIONA
Address: Centro Tecnológico ACCIONA Infraestructuras.
Valportillo Segunda nº8. 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid. SPAIN
Contact person: Jose Vera-Agullo
Telephone: +34 917912069
E-mail address: