CSIC, www.csic.es, is an autonomous agency within the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness with own legal status and assets.

The Institute for Construction Sciences "Eduardo Torroja" (IETcc), www.ietcc.csic.es, belongs to CSIC. The IETcc is specialized in physic-chemistry of cement and concrete and other building materials, but also deals with structural engineering, roads and energy saving. Expertise involved in LORCENIS: Cement design and hydration, Implementation of novel admixtures in cementitious products and functional performance characterisation, Concrete design with new functionalities. Characterisation, from the macro to micro level, of concrete performance in aggressive environments, reinforcement corrosion and service life assessment.

Full name of the organization: Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Cientificas
Short name of the organization: CSIC
Address: Calle Serrano 117, Madrid, 28006, Spain
Contact person: Maria Cruz Alonso
Telephone: 34 91 3020440 /690201281
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