WP07 Demonstration in The Netherlands


Mampaey Offshore Industries


  • The automooring aspect of an autonomous vessel will be emphasized in this test. Currently Mampaey's automooring system (iDL) is capable of detecting a vessel through distance measurement and pressure through contact. We are currently working on a more sophisticated control system with real-time data sourcing (environment data, ship data, Galileo Satellite data, navigation data etc.) and processing of environmental factors (for ship-master, port authority, etc.).
  • The next step is to synchronize the information with vessel control systems, auxiliary systems and industry stakeholders. This will entail an internet of Things (IoT) approach through incorporating connected data sources (eg. sensors), analysing their data and processing this to a real-time information source, enabling the system to autonomously initiate mooring actions and procedures.
  • During an operation, while being moored, it should be capable of assessing the situation in real-time and maintain a safe connection, or when force thresholds are potentially exceeded, signal any impending emergency situations and react accordingly.



Berthing and Mooring
Courtesy of Mampaey Offshore Industries