Work packages

The project is devided into 9 work packages covering the phases from concept definition, preparation of the H2H demonstration pilot and three different demonstrations, in dedictated  work packages.  Preparation for the demonstrations starts shortly after the kick-off, as specific developments need to be made for each demonstration. Standardisation and regulatory work will go in parallel with the former step, providing on one hand input to the concept from existing standards and regulations, and on the other hand providing proposals for new standards and regulations in order to implement the concept in maritime operations.

Dissemination and communications are an integral part of the project. In order to ensure adequate focus on this work, a dedicated work package was created.

Titles of the Work packages

Lead participant

WP01 Project management Kongsberg Seatex
WP02 Concept definition Kongsberg Seatex
WP03 Technology adaptation and integration Kongsberg Seatex
WP04 User requirements, standards and regulations SINTEF Ocean
WP05 Safe and Secure Communication SINTEF Digital
WP06 Test and demonstrations in Trondheimsfjorden (Norway)  Kongsberg Seatex
WP07 Demonstration in The Netherlands Mampaey Offshore Industries
WP08 Demonstration in Belgium KU Leuven
WP09 Dissemination, exploitation and communication SINTEF Ocean