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Demonstrations in Belgium, November 2020 - February 2021

Demonstration of the H2H concept  in Leuven and Mol (Belgium). Due to the COVID-19 virus, the planned dates are tentative.


24th of November: Online demonstration of H2H concept for inland waterways IWW single handed operation

The demonstration of the H2H concept for inland waterways (IWW) will take place at KU Leuven on 24 November 2020 at 14:00 LT. Due to the COVID-19, the event will be on-line. Intelligent Mobile Platforms (IMP) research group of KU Leuven has already conducted live experiments with the H2H system at the Vaart/Leaven in coordination with other partners and the Flemish Waterway. For these experiments, a 1/8 scale model of a CEMT-I class barge (Cogge), its Shore Control Center (SCC), and the components of the H2H system were used. During this online event, the audience will see the videos from these live experiments as well as the results quantifying the impact of the H2H system in IWW.

Success criteria for the demonstration is the safe completion of a straight sailing mission using H2H system components.

More info about the event

4th of February 2021: Demonstration of H2H concept for an auto mooring operation with Blue Line Logistics vessel Zulu 4. 

The intelligent Dock Locking System (iDL) demonstration will happen in Mol-Belgium on the 4th of February 2021. The day is split into two parts; in the morning, a presentation about the day's schedule, project and equipment will be detailed. The afternoon is reserved for demonstration. Due to the COVID-19, the event will be on-line and the audience will see the Zulu 4 vessel sailing and approximating the quay with the iDL system installed on the deck, the vessel will position in the quay and the iDLs are activited and the auto mooring procedures can perform.  

Success criteria for the demonstration is to perform a safe auto mooring operation with use of H2H system components.  

4th Workshop in Trondheim, November 14th, 2019

The fourth workshop was held the day after the MTEC/ICMASS 2019 conference. Focus for this workshop was to present the current status on the deliverables H2H Framework and H2H Secure and Safe communication. In addition, we continued the work for the three planned pilots and the overall project schedule and planning for the last running year.

November 13 to 14, 2019 - H2H presence and presentations at MTEC/ICMASS 2019

During the International Maritime Port Technology and Development Conference (MTEC) and the International Conference on Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (ICMASS) held jointly as MTEC/ICMASS 2019 in Trondheim, November 13th -14th 2019, the H2H project distributed the 2nd yearly H2H flyer and presented 4 related papers. The papers and flyers can be found here. All H2H partners were present at the conference and followed up with a workshop next day at SINTEF Ocean's facility at Tyholt.  

3rd Workshop in Leuven, October 8, 2019

The third workshop was held in Leuven, October 8, 2019. Focus for this workshop was to present the current status of the project and work in more detail with the three planned pilots. 

Hull to hull project partners from KU Leuven, Mampaey, SINTEF Ocean, SINTEF Digital and Kongsberg Seatex behind KU Lueven' Cogge. Cogge is a scale model of a Watertruck+, to be used demonstrating the Hull to hull concept on Inland Waterways.


October 7, 2019 - 4th International Symposium on Autonomous Inland Shipping

4th International Symposium on Autonomous Inland Shipping was organised by KU Leuven and De Vlaamse Waterweg nv and held in Port of Antwerp, Belgium.

Mr. Per Erik Kvam presented the H2H project titled "H2H – leveraging EGNSS for safer maritime navigation".

The presentation can be found here

June 25 to 27, 2019 - Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium

At the Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium in Amsterdam, 25th to 27th of June 2019, the Hull to hull project was represented in presentations by project partners KU Leuven and SINTEF Digital:

  • "Demonstration of the Hull-to-Hull project with an unmanned inland ship", Prof Peter Slaets, KU Leuven.
  • "Safety for autonomous ships: lessons learned from other domains", Dr Stig Petersen, SINTEF Digital.

The presentations can be found here


March 25-27, 2019. H2H presentation at COMPIT 2019

A paper with title "Hull-to-Hull Positioning for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (MASS)" will be presented, including the initial concept for accurate hull-to-hull navigation, uncertainty and operational zones.

European Space Week 2018

On 4th of December 2018, the H2H project was represented at the European Space Week in Marseille, where Kongsberg Seatex presented the Hull to Hull concept in the EGNSS User Consultation Plenary Session.

2nd Workshop in Rotterdam, November 20-21, 2018

The second workshop was held in Rotterdam, November 20-21, 2018. Focus for this workshop was to present the current status of the H2H concept and work in more detail with user requirements for the three planned pilots. Based on the current status of user requirements for simultaneous operations, inland waterway and auto-mooring use case, a more detailed description of required user interfaces and communication requirements were identified. Next phase will be to specify a more detailed human-machine interface (HMI) needed in the three planned pilots.

November 8-9, 2018 - H2H presentation at ICMASS 2018

The first international conference on Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (ICMASS 2018) will be held at Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO), Busan, Republic of Korea on November 8-9, 2018.

A paper with title "Hull-to-Hull Concept Supporting Autonomous Navigation of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (MASS)" will be presented, including the initial concept for accurate hull-to-hull navigation, proximity and operational zones.

May 31, 2018 - Press release from KONGSBERG

KONGSBERG Coordinates EU-Funded Project to Enable Autonomous Navigation in Close Proximity, see press release 

1st H2H Workshop in Trondheim, Norway, 7th to 9th of May 2018

The first project workshop will be held on 7th to 9th of May 2018 during the Ocean Week event in Trondheim, Norway. During these days we will promote the H2H project in several presentations at the Ocean Week Conference and have technical project meetings in parallel. Focus will be on defining the user requirements for the planned demonstrations, and further work with the H2H concept.

April 18, 2018. News from Mampaey Offshore Industries

Mampaey Offshore Industries announced their participation in the H2H project. More information from here.

Kick-off in Prague

The H2H project was successfully kicked off at GSA in Prague on 8th of December 2017. The kick-off marked the start of the project, which will start out with review of user requirements, standards and regulations, as well as the concept definition. This will, towards the end of the project, lead to three demonstration events in 2019 and 2020, showing in real life the use of the H2H prototype implementation.

Read more about the kick-off in this norwegian blogg

Ten men met at the kick-off for the project Hull to Hull in Prague