If a grid is to be self-healing, automatic location of faults is a prerequisite.

There are already several available technologies which may be used, but they need to be tested. There are also uncertainties regarding centralized vs. decentralized solutions. This project will give recommendations on what equipment to invest in, in the future and pro/cons for decentralized vs. the centralized solutions.

In this project, 20 fault passage indicators (FPI) with earth fault directional detection from different vendors have been installed and are currently being tested together with CINELDI-partner Elvia. The tests have two purposes; To obtain experience with the operation of the devices and verify that the data can be used to find the fault location. Self-healing algorithms have been installed at Frogn (decentralized solution) and Oslo (centralized solution).

Experience is gained every time there is a fault in the network. The aim of the pilot is at least 30 faults.

This pilot is a continuation of the IPN-project FASAD

Contact person:

, Elvia