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Experimental validation

All tests are proposed in scale 1:50, with several water depths in the range of 20 – 30 m full scale.

Task 4.1 Physical wave generation

Calibration of nonlinear irregular shallow water waves for flat and sloping seabed. Measurements of wave elevation and kinematics.

Task 4.2 Wave tank experiment of rigid monopile

Carry out experiments with two rigid models with different diameters to measure hydrodynamic loads on the structures.

Task 4.3 Wave tank experiment of flexible model

Carry out experiments with a fully flexible (i.e., two representative mode shapes) model including soil interaction effects, wave and wind loads. Wind turbine loads are modelled using Real-time hybrid model testing (ReaTHM). The possibility to apply more sophisticated model techniques for soil stiffness and damping will be considered. Measure structural response due to wave, wind and soil effects.