Erin Bachynski

Associate Professor
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Erin Bachynski
Associate Professor

Long-term structural response methodologies

Task 3.1 Integrated design tools

Implement results from WP1 and WP2 into engineering design tool (e.g. SIMA).

Task 3.2 Fatigue analysis

Evaluate the influence of different models for geotechnical, hydro- and aerodynamic excitation and damping on fatigue response. Investigate the effect of soil hysteresis and local wind and wave conditions on fatigue response.

Task 3.3 Extreme value analysis

Integrated long-term analysis and evaluation of the applicability of modified contour methods, accounting for duration of analysis, discretization of metocean data and transient effects from shutdown and fault conditions. Evaluate embedded design wave approach compared to fully non-linear irregular wave analysis (3 hr). Evaluate the sensitivity to soil-structure interaction models.

Task 3.4 Validation

Validate response analysis against experimental data obtained in WP4.