Kristoffer Skjolden Skau

Senior Engineer
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Kristoffer Skjolden Skau
Senior Engineer

Interaction between irregular cyclic loads and nonlinear soil response

Prepare engineering soil models for monopiles based on development in recent/ongoing research programs considering effect of soil degradation, damping and "self-healing". The models will be adjusted for use in three categories of analyses: emergency stops, fatigue, extreme wave loads and utilized in WP3 and WP4.

Task 2.1 Load histories for geotechnical testing and analysis

Establish wind and wave loads to be used in the study of soil subjected to irregular loads in task 2.2-3. The current statistical treatment of irregular cyclic load histories to assess soil degradation will be evaluated, and modified if necessary.

Task 2.2 Laboratory testing of irregular cyclic load histories and partial drainage

Evaluation of current statistical treatment of irregular cyclic load histories to assess soil degradation. Laboratory tests on soil samples with realistic irregular load histories from Task 2.1 will be performed.

Task 2.3 Numerical study of soil response

Development of a simplified procedure to account for drainage condition and further implementation in the soil models. In particular, implementation of the effect of partial drainage in conjunction with the dependency on irregular load histories addressed in Task 2.2.

Task 2.4 Engineering procedures

Establish engineering procedures to generate input data to the soil support models, in particular focusing on soil damping and layered soil. The task builds on the results from Tasks 2.1-3.