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Modelling of nonlinear wave kinematics and loads

Task 1.1 Nonlinear wave kinematics

Adapt an efficient, reliable and robust numerical wave tank (NWT) for fully nonlinear irregular waves for engineering analysis. Focus will be on fast 2D NWT, but also the possibility of coupling with 3D CFD codes.

Validate wave kinematic models against experimental data obtained in WP4.

Task 1.2 Ringing/springing loads

Improve the applicability of simplified methods (semi-empirical) for practical
structural analysis. Use results from Task 1.1 to quantify the importance of non-modelled effects such as topography and simplifications in diffraction. The project aims to compare existing load models (MacCamy-Fuchs, Morison) with irregular waves (linear vs nonlinear) as well as methods under development (e.g. perturbation-based methods applied for shallow water) against full 3D CFD results.

Validate load models against experimental data obtained in WP4.