G60 Base Test Station

G60 fuel cell test station at SINTEF
G60 Base Test Station - A fully Automated Fuel Cell Test Station

The G60 Base Test Station (CE Rated-C) is a fully Automated Fuel Cell Test Station will allow operators to perform automate test protocols, such as Start-up and shut-down routines, Durability profiles, Polarization curves, Diagnostic tests, such as impedance scans or cyclic / linear sweep voltammetry, Dynamic load cycles on fuel cell single cells.

Technical spesifications:

  • Max cathode gas flow: 20 NLPM (3x MFCs: Air, N2, O2)

  • Max anode flow: 10 NLPM (2x MFCs: H2, N2)

  • Automatic contact humidification module (up to 90°C

  • Electric reheat module (up to 110°C)

  • Nitrogen purge rotameter; software activated

  • Automatic back pressure control module (0-3 Barg)

  • Stack end-plate heater PID control (2x 2A max)650W electronic load bank, 50V, 125A, air cooled, max current available down to 0.0V (zero volt compensation)