The Vision of the Norwegian Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Centre is to actively stimulate Norwegian and European innovation along the whole fuel cell and hydrogen technology value chain.

The Main Goal of this RI project is to establish and operate a centre of advanced laboratories with the required instrumentation and personnel to facilitate high quality research and development of components and testing and validation of systems for fuel cells and electrolysers.
To achieve the main goal, the following sub-goals will also be met:

  • Establish routines and capabilities for efficient operation of advanced laboratories.
  • Ensure that Norwegian Universities, R&D institutes and industries have access to relevant and state of the art infrastructure for research and innovation for solving future environmental and societal challenges.
  • Stimulate industries and research partners to an effective and optimal use of the established research infrastructures by active dissemination and networking.
  • Improve the education of new PhD, MSc and BSc students by ensuring a close interaction and use of the infrastructure this increasing the industrial relevance of education and training.
  • Increase the competitiveness for Norwegian stakeholders on the international scene, by positioning Norway as an attractive R&D partner and location for top international researchers.