E100 Base Test Station

G400 fuel cell test station at SINTEF
E100 Base Test Station - A fully Automated electrolyser Test Station

The E100 Base Test Station (CE Rated-C) is a fully Automated electrolyser Test Station will allow operators to perform automate test protocols, such as Start-up and shut-down routines, Durability profiles, Polarization curves, Dynamic load cycles on electrolyser short stacks

Technical specifications:

  • Max gas flow: NLPM max cathode (H2) product gas flow, 9 NLPM max anode (O2) product gas flow, 100mL/min make up water system
  • Timed nitrogen purge, below 6bara
  • Automatic back pressure control module, up to 30bara
  • 10LPM anode recirculation loop with active stack heating and cooling, up to 95°C, Cooling capacity 7000W at 10°C stack delta-T, Recirculation loop conductivity monitoring included
  • 10kW programmable power supply; 20VDC, 500A.