Research Scientist

G400 fuel cell test station

X100 SOFC test station at SINTEF

X40 SOFC Test Station, CE Rated-C

• Box Furnace 12" x 12" x 12"

• Gamry Reference 3000; Fully Integrated

• Gamry 30A Booster For Reference 3000

• 660W Power Supply 110A, 6V

• Add Gas Input Line, with MFC up to 20 NLPM

• Back Pressure Control Range: up to 10 Barg for Bubbler

• De-Ionized Water Supply Pressure Booster - Low Flow

• MFC; up to 20 NLPM

• SOFC Single Cell Planar Test Fixture 5x5

• SOFC Single Cell Planar Test Fixture 10x10

• Stack Fixture Compression System - Pneumatic Low