The module contains routines and tutorials for single-phase and two-phase upscaling.


Icon: harmonic upscaling of a SAIGUP model

Harmonic upscaling

The tutorial demonstrates how to perform a harmonic upscaling of permeability on a realistic model with faults and inactive cells using a set of relatively simple calls to 'accumarray'.

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  Icon: single-phase upscaling of a 2D Cartesian model

Single-phase upscaling

The tutorial  demonstrates how to perform a single-phase upscaling of the absolute permeability for a 2D Cartesian model. The procedure outlined and the routines used are also applicable to 3D models.

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Icon: relative permeability curves for steady-state upscaling

Steady-state upscaling

The tutorial demonstrates upscaling of two-phase relative permeability on periodic grids. A single block sampled from SPE10 using is first upscaled by a standard flow-based method to determine the effective
permeability. Then we find relative permeability curves based on steady-state upscaling for the capillary and the viscous limits, as well as based on a set of dynamic simulations.




This module is bundled along with MRST Core in the standard release.

Published October 1, 2012