Interactive Tools
Several interactive tools come bundled with MRST-co2lab, allowing the user to quickly explore the module's capabilities on associated datasets.

Structural trapping interactive tool

Identify traps and spill regions and track spill paths using self-made, synthetic and real simulation grids.  Single-injector scenarios can also be simulated using this tool.


Storage capacity interactive tool

Estimate storage capacities of various North Sea formations.  Test how different parameters affect the result.  A demonstration video can be found on this page.


Injection and migration interactive tool

Setup complex, multi-site injection scenarios, predict the injection and long-term migration of CO2, generate inventories tracking its trapping state over time, and assess resulting overpressure.  Thousands of years of migration can be simulated in a few minutes of computing time. A demonstration video can be found on this page.

Published January 7, 2016