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Computation of the gas and liquid concentrations


  • the gas and liquid concentrations cg and cl

for given

  • total concentrations C,
  • pressure p,
  • liquid saturation sL.

For more details about the equations used here, we refer to Bravo tutorial note.

function [cg, cl] = computeComposition(C, p, sL, system)
   [nComp, k, R, Temp] = deal(system.nComp, system.k, system.R, system.Temp);
   if iscell(C)
      for ic = 1 : nComp
         cg{ic} = C{ic}./(1 + (R*Temp/k(ic) - 1)*sL);
         cl{ic} = (R*Temp./k(ic)).*cg{ic};
      cg = C./(1 + sL*(R*Temp./k' - 1));
      cl = bsxfun(@times, cg, (R*Temp./k)');

Published October 8, 2014