The MEMS-pie project:
Piezoelectric microsystems from the laboratory to production


  Sixth Framework Programme


PZT and AlN thin film elements

PZT and AlN
The ceramic materials PZT (lead zirconate titanate, Pb[Zr,Ti]O3) and AlN (aluminium nitride) are two of the most used piezoelectric materials. The MEMS-pie project develops robust and flexible fabrication routes for piezoelectric MEMS with these two materials. The procedures are based on knowledge obtained through previous research activities. PZT is deposited by chemical solution deposition (CSD), RF magnetron sputtering and pulsed laser deposition (PLD), whereas AlN is deposited by reactive RF magnetron sputtering only.

Multimorph structure
A cross section of the top layers of a multimorph cantilever is shown below. Eight sequential layers of PZT deposited by CSD are visible. Very few defects are observed.


FIB image of a multimorph cross section milled by focused ion beam (FEI Company, The Netherlands).


Published October 26, 2006

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