English summary

Mid Norway has a large potential for commercial development, value creation and business opportunities related to food specialities. The LogiMat project brings together representatives from the entire supply chain; farmers, production, logistics, customers and research partners to close this gap.

Established logistics models for large scale industrialised supply chains are not well suited to the characteristics of food specialities, and the state-of-the-art knowledge, solutions and processes of food specialities' supply chains are not sufficient to solve the sector's logistical challenges. There is therefore a need for new knowledge on logistics for food specialities in academia, industry and the public education and support system. The knowledge-building project LogiMat will address the following key research question: 

How can producers match the requirements of different markets with cost-effective and customised logistics solutions and strategies given the particular characteristics of the sector?

This will be addressed through research within the following areas:

  • Market and business requirements
  • Logistics strategies, control models and ICT
  • Concepts for physical logistics solutions
  • Collaboration and networks
 Research tasks in developing the LogiMat Logistics Knowledge Platform


The effects of the new knowledge and results will be shown in three industrial demonstrators in addition to traditional publication and dissemination channels. The vision of LogiMat is to make Mid Norway the leading Norwegian region in food specialities through superior logistics solutions.

Publisert 15. juni 2012