Report no.: 1  Short state-of-the-art report on oil spills in ice-infested waters
Report no.: 5  Tests of Fire-Resistant Booms in Low Concentrations of Drift Ice - Field experiments May 2008
Report no.: 6  Field Testing of the USN Oil Herding Agent on Heidrun Crude in loose drift Ice
Report no.: 7  Testing of Ro-Clean Desmi ice skimmer and Helix Skimmer in SINTEF ice basin. Task 3.1: Testing of existing concepts. A technical report.
Report no.: 8  Testing of Lamor GT 185 Skimmer and LRB 150 Skimmer in SINTEF ice basin. Task 3.1: Testing of existing concepts. A technical report.
Report no.: 9  Testing and verification of oil skimmers during the field experiment in Barents Sea, May 2008
Report no.: 10  Testing of Ro-Clean Desmi polar bear skimmer in SINTEF ice basin. “Oil in ice” JIP, Task 3.2: Testing of new concepts and units. Draft
Report no.: 11  A review of studies of oil spill dispersant effectiveness in arctic conditions. (JIP Project 4, Act. 4.11)
Report no.: 12  Evaluation of dispersant spray systems and platforms for use on spilled oil in seas with ice present
(JIP Project 4, Act. 4.21)
Report no.: 13  Development and testing of a containerized dispersant system for use in cold and ice-covered area
Report no.: 14  Using dogs to detect oil hidden in snow and ice – Results form field training on Svalbard April 2008
Report no.: 15  Ice regimes for oil spill response planning
Report no.: 17  FEX 2008. Activity report
Report no.: 18  Full scale field experiment 2008. Summary of results
Report no.: 19  Meso-scale weathering of oil as a function of ice conditions. Oil properties, dispersibility and in situ burnability og weathered oil as a function of time
Report no.: 20  Establishing, testing and verification of a laboratory burning cell to measure ignitability for in-situ burning of oil spills.
Report no.: 21  “Oil in Ice” JIP: Testing of oil skimmers via field experiments in the Barents Sea, May 2009.
Report no.: 22  Remote sensing technology. Review and screening
Report no.: 23  Measurement of methane emissions from oil spill experiments at Svea test site,Svalbard, April 2007
Report no.: 24  Airborne GPR to detect oil under snow
Report no.: 25  Full scale field experiment 2009. Cruise report
Report no.: 26  Experimental oil release in broken ice – A large-scale field verification of results from laboratory studies of oil weathering and ignitability of weathered oil spills
Report no.: 27  Tests of fire-resistant booms in low concentrations of drift ice - field experiments may 2009
Report no.: 28  Evaluation of airborne remote sensing systems for oil in ice detection
Report no.: 29  The utilisation of satellite images for the oil in ice experiment in the Barents Sea, may 2009
Report no.: 30  Project P5: Remote sensing. Summary Report
Report no.: 31  Forekomst av sjøfugler og sjøpattedyr i forsøksområdene 2009
Report no.: 32  Joint industry program on oil spill contingency for Arctic and icecovered waters. Summary report
Report no.: 33  Oil distribution and bioavailability. Field experiment – FEX 2009
Report no.: 34 The effects of use of dispersant and in situ burning on Arctic marine organisms - A laboratory study
Report no.: 35  Modelling of oil in ice with OSCAR

Published November 9, 2010

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