Mapping of burnability
The main objective with this task is to describe ignitability and burnability as a function of weathering. This will later be implemented into the SINTEF Oil Weathering Model.

Research regarding burnability of oils as a function of weathering has been performed previously including both laboratory, basin- and field studies. Rules of thumb indicating maximum water content and maximum evaporative loss for in-situ burning are established based on these experiments.

However, a deeper and broader understanding of the relationship between burnability (ignitability/burning efficiency) is needed to implement in-situ burning in operational contingency planning and predict “window of opportunity” for in-situ burning.

The main use of this data is as a calibration set to improve the ability of the SINTEF OWM to predict ignitability and ISB efficiency of oil spills in ice. The comprehensive data set will also be published in a separate report and in scientific journals.

This activity is expected to be finished during spring 2009


Published November 13, 2006

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