Fire-resistant booms
The objective of this task is to test various types of fire-resistant booms to be used as an operational tool for in-situ burning in low ice coverages (10-30%).

Larger-scale field testing is required to determine whether:

  1. Fire-resistant booms can operate in lower concentrations of pack ice without debilitating damage;
  2. Fire-resistant booms can collect operationally reasonable amounts of oil among lower concentrations of pack ice before exceeding their operational limits;
  3. Fire-resistant booms can concentrate oil spilled among low concentrations of pack ice to ignitable thicknesses; 
  4. The presence of collected ice in the apex of a fire-resistant boom prevents efficient removal of the collected oil by in situ burning; and,
  5. Conventional boom could be used to collect oiled ice and survive a burn of the oil.

LAST NEWS: Field testing (towing tests in ice without oil) was succesfuly performed at Svalbard, Norway in May 2008. Towing tests with ISB of oil in ice are planned for May 2009.

Contact;  (SL Ross, Canada) 

Published November 13, 2006

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