Field experiments
Field experiments are an important part of the R&D program as they are crucial for the final testing and verification of solutions developed during the R&D program.

Illustration showing the concept and relationship between the different types of testing performed in the JIP

There are three levels of eperiments described in this JIP;

  1. Laboratory experiments - experiments that allows repeated tests under controlled conditions at reasonable costs pr test (lab and flume testing in laboratories).
  2. Small scale field tests - performed outdoor at SINTEF research station on Svalbard, under Arctic conditions, but  still  fairly controlled conditions alowing a number of repeated experiments to be carried out
  3. Offshore field tests - full scale tests required to collect real size, realistic final tests of equipment and solutions. Was performed outside Svalbard in 2008 and is also planned for 2009. 

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Published September 7, 2006

In-situ.burning is an important part of this JIP and is performed in close cooperation with SLRoss Environmental, Canada (
Field testing of 3000 litres prototype of dispersant application bucket
Field testing of recovery of oil-in-ice with prototype skimmers, Svalbard May 2008


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