Lecture Notes
Below you can find the detailed program and link to slides presented at the 2008 Geilo winter schoool.


Introduction to parallel computing

15:30-16:10: An introduction to parallel algorithms. Knut Mørken, University of Oslo
16:20-17:00: Parallel computing, why and how? Xing Cai, Simula Research Lab, Oslo
17:30-18:15: Automatic parallelization and Parallel Recursive Procedures (PRP) - a parallel package and its implementation. Arne Maus, University of Oslo


11:00-12:00: Petaflop/s - seriously! David Keyes, Columbia University


High-performance computing on distributed-memory architecture
Xing Cai, Simula Research Lab, Oslo 

15:00-16:30: Overview of HPC, introduction to MPI
17:00-18:30: Some cases of distributed-memory programming,and high-level parallelization via domain decomposition


Multicore computing
Sverker Holmgren and Henrik Löf, Uppsala University

09:00-10:30: What are multicore processors and why should CSE-researchers bother? Sverker Holmgren
15:00-16:30: Programming multicore processors. Henrik Löf
17:00-18:30: Examples of applications (part 1, part 2). Sverker Holmgren and Henrik Löf


Stream processing

09:00-10:30:Introduction to stream processing. Trond R. Hagen, SINTEF, Oslo
15:00-16:30: CUDA programming. Johan Seland, SINTEF, Oslo
17:00-18:30: GPU programming examples (part 1, part 2, part 3). Andre R. Brodtkorb, Johan Seland, Christopher Dyken, SINTEF, Oslo


Parallel computing with the CELL BE processor

09:00-9:45: Introduction to the CELL BE. Trond R. Hagen, SINTEF, Oslo.
10:00-10:45: Programming the CELL BE. Andre R. Brodtkorb, SINTEF, Oslo


11:00-12:00: "Birds of a feather" - parallel processing. Summary and discussion

Published January 28, 2008