CREATE constitutes a technology platform standing on 3 research pillars:

Equipment and constructions The physical equipment used to farm fish.
Operation and handling The process of executing and carrying out operations necessary to farm fish.
Farming intelligence Control of the total process of farming by understanding the integrated use of equipment and the process of operations and combining this with knowledge of biological issues and the physical environment. The concept of farming intelligence is a new area, where the idea is to improve decision support systems and production by improving the quality of input data and better understanding the technology-biology interaction.



CREATE addresses nine research topics, which have been chosen because of the potential for innovation that lies within the ‘interaction space’ between the three research pillars. They represent major obstacles for financial viability, fish welfare and biology, human health and safety, and environmental sustainability:

  • Control and optimization of production
  • Sea load exposure
  • Reducing escapes
  • Handling and operations
  • Prevention and control of bio-fouling
  • Feeding systems
  • Fish behavior and welfare
  • Monitoring and control of water quality
  • Traceability


Published July 2, 2007