CREATE has active international collaborations at the level of the centre, partners and through the centre’s individual projects. The research partners of CREATE, all are international leading within their research field and have extended international collaboration.

Collaboration with North American institutes (UNH/USNA)
The University of New Hampshire has been an active international collaborator within CREATE since its inception. The collaboration was established through a sabbatical visit by Dr Pål Lader (SFH) to UNH in 2006-07. Prof. Hunt Howell and Michael Chambers from the Open Ocean Aquaculture program have participated in project development and discussions at each of the annual CREATE days (2007-2010). CREATE PhD student Martin Føre undertook a 3-month stay with UNH in 2008 to investigate the behaviour of Atlantic cod in sea-cages at different densities in collaboration with Prof. Howell and Prof. Win Watson. A scientific publication describing the results from the cod study is planned in 2010. In addition, Arne Fredheim (SFH) and Richard Langan (UNH) published a review summarizing the status of technological development for off-shore and open ocean aquaculture. CREATE researcher Dr. Pål Lader has an active collaboration with Assoc. Prof. David Fredriksson from the United States Navel Academy (USNA) and has conducted model scale experiments of fish farm cages in current and waves at the USNA towing tank facilities. As CREATE continues, UNH and the USNA will collaborate on projects to design and test new cages systems and technologies for warm-water aquaculture.

Collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University 
Projects and model tests for fish farms have been carried out in cooperation with Professor Shixiao Fu, from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Further model test are under planning. Professor Shixiao visited CREATE in October 2010 and will again visit CREATE for a period of three months in 2013. Researcher from SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture and CREATE visited SJTU in January 2013 to further strengthen the cooperation with SJTU. Plans for a bi annual joint workshop with SJTU and SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture on modelling and analysis of floating fish farms are under development.

Dr. Gui (Zhejiang University) has been a visiting post-doctoral fellow at the centre for 2009 -10, and collaborated on projects to design new cage systems for warm water aquaculture.

Collaboration with SALTT at the University of Melbourne
In 2010, CREATE established a new international collaboration with the Sustainable Aquaculture Laboratory – Temperate and Tropical (SALTT) based at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

In 2012, CREATE continued international collaboration with the Sustainable Aquaculture Laboratory – Temperate and Tropical (SALTT) based at the University of Melbourne, Australia. SALTT researchers Dr. Tim Dempster & Isla Fitridge are currently participating in CREATE projects within the research themes of behavioural studies to underpin new technologies and biofouling control. Samantha Bui conducted her Masters research within the SMARTSUB project and is presently involved in the ReduceLICE project.

Published July 3, 2007