Figure showing the energy trilemma

CINELDI enables and facilitates a cost-efficient realisation of the future flexible and robust grid.  A robust grid is a grid that safeguards the security of electricity supply.

One of the main reasons for transforming today’s ageing and passive electricity grid into an active, flexible, robust and intelligent grid – a smart grid – is to lay the foundation for reaching national and international energy and climate goals.

The main challenge is not to create the smart grid, but to do it in an affordable way, while showing consideration for the environment and ensuring a high security of supply. We call this the energy trilemma.


With our research and innovation, we shall enable a cost-efficient realisation of the future flexible and robust electricity distribution grid, while minimizing strain on society. This will in turn reduce the total distribution system costs compared to the “business as usual”- solutions, by reducing both operational (OPEX) and investment costs (CAPEX).


Our work paves the way for increased distributed generation from renewable energy sources, further electrification of transport, and a more efficient use of electric power and energy.

Security of electricity supply

We explore and exemplify possibilities for utilising flexibility and digitalisation to deal with security of electricity supply, focusing on energy availability, power capacity, reliability of supply and voltage quality – as well as cybersecurity – as important aspects of developing the electricity grid of the future.