Secondary substations are a crucial component for the operation of the distribution grid. The secondary substation of the future incorporating intelligent devices for sensing, controlling, and decision making will play an important role in order to achieve more cost-effective operations of the future electric distribution grid. Increased monitoring of the secondary substations will also, along with new tools and methodologies for decision support, lead to more optimal planning and asset management of the future system.


Digital inspection

Digital inspection

Today, inspection of secondary substations in Norway is carried out once a year according to current regulation. This is both time and resource consuming for the grid companies. New sensors, and better utilization of existing sensors opens for better monitoring of secondary substations regarding asset management and electrical safety.

The objective of this pilot project is to test and verify solutions to make inspections of secondary substations more efficient, both by increasing the inspection interval and improving the quality of the gathered data.

Contact person: Eivind Solvang, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Energy Research