Sigurd Bjarghov submitted his PhD dissertation at NTNU in 2022.

Sigurd Bjarghov

Position: Research scientist in SINTEF Energy Research and CINELDI

PhD thesis: Designing grid tariffs and local electricity markets for peak demand reduction in distribution grids

My motivation to keep working in research comes from being able to contribute to the green energy transition by providing research insight that help regulators, policymakers and companies make informed choices that support a decarbonised society. Decarbonising the energy sector is complex, and I find it rewarding to provide insight to decisionmakers on the trade-offs between different solutions.

A very useful part of doing a PhD is to acquire knowledge on advanced techniques and methods, and how to apply these to relevant cases and communicate them in a clear manner. In SINTEF, these researcher skills are highly relevant, and you get to continue to grow as a researcher while developing new skills, such as project development and applied research together with industry partners.

The best part of my job? Aside from the fact that I get to work with energy research, I appreciate that I get to be involved in the decision on what research we do and what I work with. This is important for me in the long run. In addition, I work closely with industry partners and incredibly clever colleagues when developing new projects, which I find more rewarding than working as a PhD, where everything is more theory-based and you are a bit disconnected from reality.