Kyrre Kirkbakk Fjær graduated from NTNU in 2021 with a master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering

Kyrre Kirkbakk Fjær

Position: Trainee at SINTEF Energy Research, NVE and BKK. 

Master’s thesis: Analysis of Dynamic Pricing to utilise Spatial Flexibility in Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Charging Demand

When I was a student, I didn't know which direction I wanted to take my career or which types of tasks I found most exciting and interesting. When I discovered the EnergyTrainee position, which enables me to work for three different companies, I knew that this was the position for me.

As a trainee, I get the opportunity to gain first-hand experience from various companies in industry. I get to see different perspectives on how we can solve the challenges that we face in the energy industry every day. Each company has its own tasks and roles to fulfill, so their views on various challenges will be different.

From my time at CINELDI, I learned to work in a structured way and to divide large tasks into smaller and more manageable tasks. As a trainee this has been very important when starting in the various companies, as there is a lot of information, new concepts, and tasks to get to know. Modeling and analysis have been my main tasks across the companies I have worked at, which are skills I learned while working on my thesis.