Reference distribution grid data sets have been developed to support the cost-efficient transition to the future flexible, intelligent and secure distribution grid. International test grid data sets are typically made for academic purposes, and for verifying and validating new methods. However, they are often not suitable for studying realistic problems. Therefore, it is important to establish reference grid data sets that are representative of Norwegian distribution grids.

Our goal is to establish stylized grids that represent different operating conditions and voltage levels. Reference grids enable technologies, scenarios, and challenges to be tested in realistic environments. They may be used for comparison purposes, as well as for quantifying the socio-economic costs of the future grid in relation to investments, operation, power supply interruptions and electrical losses in different scenarios, to mention some uses.

A basic medium voltage (MV) distribution grid data set is established, based on data from a real MV distribution grid in Norway. This data is anonymized and adapted to establish the reference grid data set. In CINELDI, we have started using the data set to study methods and concepts developed for more flexible consumption, power production and energy storage. The basic reference grid data set is further extended to produce a data set that is relevant for a case study on flexibility.

We aim to make the reference grid data sets available to be accessed by other researchers, so that they can test their own methods and techniques and compare their results. A publication of the MV distribution grid dataset is forthcoming [1], as well as a industrial distribution grid dataset [2].

During the period 2022-2024, security of supply will be the main research subject in CINELDI. In this work, the reference grid will be an important tool for testing different strategies to ensure security of supply.

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