This research area develops handbooks and guidelines for the transition to the flexible, robust, and cost-efficient electricity distribution system of 2030-2040, by integrating the results and findings from the various research areas into a holistic strategy. An expected impact is that the developed strategies and recommendations will be used by the electricity industry to update their own strategies thus enabling the transition to happen.

Several of the current results stems from the in-kind project PANTERA (PAN European Technology Energy Research Approach). The transition to a decarbonized energy system requires development and integration of new technologies into a complex and interoperable system. For this to be possible it is necessary with standardization. A review of the smart grid standardization domain is performed in [1], which urges continued efforts in standardization to enable coordination between technologies and systems that are integral parts of smart grids.

Results from a dedicated stakeholder survey designed to understand which barriers have hindered some countries from participating in Research and Innovation (R&I) activities in the smart grid domain was presented in [2]. Proposal preparation and the consortium building process, insufficient support, lack of information and bureaucracy are highlighted as key issues. The work identifies training and support, as well as providing best practices as some factors that could reduce these barriers. Further surveys [3] also highlights the need for careful, well-designed approaches which takes into account country specific factors when attempting to overcome the identified barriers.

The work in this subtopic will increase as research in other work packages matures going forward. A checklist for evaluating results from research and pilot projects has been developed [4], which can be used to facilitate the process of implementing results from the research.

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