Challenge and objective

  • International test grid data sets are typically made for academic purposes, for verification and validation of new methods, and based on international data. Such data sets are often not suitable for studying realistic problems. Thus, it is important to establish reference grid data sets representative for Norwegian distribution grids.

Work performed

  • Grid data from a real MV distribution grid are anonymised and adapted to establish reference grid data representative for Norwegian distribution grids.
  • The basic data set is further built on to provide data set relevant for a case study on flexibility.

Significant results

  • A basic MW distribution grid data set is established based on a real anonymised Norwegian MV grid.
  • The basic data provides data sets relevant for Smart Grid research and may be further built on for case studies on flexibility, security of electricity supply etc.

Impact for distribution system innovation

  • The reference data makes it possible to analyse different technologies, scenarios and challenges in more realistic environments. It enables fundamental analyses and allows for studying problems to be addressed for the future system.

Gerd Kjølle

WP6 Lead
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Gerd Kjølle
WP6 Lead


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