Developed within CINELDI, the EV Power Share ­Charging System (Power Share) is a new product from NTE and ENOCO AS.

Power Share is a building integrated charging system for electric vehicles (EVs), where a large number of EVs within an area can be charged at the same time. The system has a control unit logging use/power and communicating with an Energy Management ­System (EMS) or a Building Energy Management System (BEMS).

The challenge and solution

Charging of EVs within a limited geographical area can give high peaks both in the area and in the power grid.  There might also be constraints related to the ­actual electric circuit, the main fuse or the capacity in a transformer nearby.

A system where power is shared enables dynamic ­regulation of the power used for charging. The ­regulation is based on the market value for the specific circuit or dynamically based on input signals regulating the peak load of all EVs in total. The system is installed at Risvollan Housing cooperative, where 768 charging points for EVs are planned in parking garages and parking lots.


The 768 charging points represents 5 MW peak power consumption. With the Power Share solution, the peak load can be controlled statically or dynamically. ­Statically by defining a fixed peak load. ­Dynamically based on other types of electricity consumption ­connected to the same electric circuit, data from smart transformers or based on grid related needs, ­based on the published ACOPF algorithms: «The ­proposed multi-period acopf methodology».