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Tellu is a provider of middleware and services, with expertise on mobile platforms. The company started as a spin-off from Ericsson's Norwegian research centre. As of early 2009 we are six employees.



Relevant skills/experience/technologies:


Tellu has experience from research projects in cooperation with universities and main industrial actors such as Telenor. We have participated in the OSIRIS project (Open Source Infrastructure for Run-time Integration of Services) and are currently involved in ISIS (Infrastructure for Integrated Service), which deals with service composition. UbiCompForAll represents a natural progression in this work, moving towards higher levels of abstraction and simplifying the development process until it is accessible to the end user.


Tellu's ActorFrame platform supports distributed service execution and composition through runtime support for communicating state machines. It will be used as basis for the middleware platform in the project. Our service execution framework ServiceFrame, running on ActorFrame, supports convergent services. Our frameworks can run on various platforms, we have special support for mobile devices, and we provide expertise on the interplay of different systems.



Role in the project:


Tellu will provide middleware and extend middleware support to the Android platform. We will use our competence on service enablers and service integration to provide composable service enablers and help find composition mechanisms. We will assist in the work on scenarios and modelling. We will provide building blocks to help implement the scenario compositions. We will explore abstract user interface specifications using XForms, to provide device-independent user interfaces for building blocks, and use our XForms parser and client to provide a mobile phone implementation of the interfaces.



Interest in project results:


Tellu hopes to find new tools and methods to enhance and simplify service composition. We want to gain experience in service engineering, especially on mobile platforms such as Android. And we wish to promote use of the ActorFrame platform.

Published February 24, 2009

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