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The project

The project is organised in two main phases. The initial phase focuses on engineering solutions for end-user service composition, and the second on large scale experimentation. The first phase will run for 4 years, then the project might be extended with another 3 years:


  • The engineering phase addresses the development of engineering solutions and their assessment through the development and demonstration of pilot services. We will follow an incremental work approach, starting with support from simple end-user composition, and then introducing more complexity.


  • The experimentation phase deals with the development of “real” services and will involve a large number of end users in the assessment. Following the feedback from experimentation, the engineering solutions will be refined. This phase requires the participation of new partners for end-user experimentation. For instance the regional media company Adresseavisen, who are on the board of Wireless Trondheim, is a potential partner to experiment with new media services.


Application domain: “Trondheim tBy”

“Trondheim tBy” is a play on “Trondheim tilbyr”, which in English translates to “Trondheim offers” (i.e. services).

The city-wide wireless broadband infrastructure provided by the industrial partner Wireless
Trondheim will be exploited to perform experiments. We focus on the city and services provided to urban users, since this is a user group seeking innovative solutions, and a group with potentially many non-professional developers. City portals exist today that support users in retrieving information about the city. In the future, we envision interactive services allowing the users to easily navigate in the city, to plan work and activities in the city or to exchange information with other urban users. Several service examples are illustrated in our scenarios.



Download the project flyer.

Published February 24, 2009

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