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In the near future, intelligent objects and devices will become part of the environment where people live, providing information and offering services that can assist them in everyday life. In such settings, it is desirable that services offered to the users are meaningful (i.e. satisfy their tasks and needs). Intelligent environments should support the composition of partial information or service behaviours into comprehensive services that can achieve the user goals. Such composition should take place dynamically as new service opportunities arise, such as when new devices appear or as users enter new environments. Service discovery and composition should not require expert knowledge, but be manageable for ordinary users.


The idea of UbiCompForAll is about providing support to end users so they can easily compose service behaviours in ubiquitous service environments. UbiCompForAll will
provide graphical composition tools targeted the end-users and a service execution platform.


The main challenge of UbiCompForAll is to come up with a comprehensive infrastructure that is sophisticated enough to handle the various aspects of user-driven service compositions (such as simplicity or robustness), while being intuitive enough for ordinary end-users.

UbiCompForAll is a research project founded by the Norwegian Research Council. The project started in October 2008, with planned duration 4 years. It involves academia and industry.

End-user evaluation of EasyComposer and EasyDroid

The participants in the first end-user trial of the UbiCompForAll tools for the composition of telco services give positive feedback to the tools.

The composition tool EasyComposer and the associated Android platform EasyDroid support end-users to adapt personal telco services to different situations. They were taken in use and tested in everyday life by ten non-IT professionals. All participants to the evaluation are positive to the concept of composition and provide relevant feedback for enhancement of the tool and platform. In particular a tighter integration of the tool and platform is desirable. The enhancements are currently being implemented and a new end-user evaluation is planned later this year.

More about EasyComposer and EasyDroid.

The UbiSys framework available as open source code

The source code for the Ubisys framework can now be downloaded from github. The code is available as open source under the permissive Apache 2.0 license.

The Ubisys framework consists in a set of tools for end-user service composition. The framework includes a tool for ICT professionals (UbiCompPro), a composition tool for non-ICT professionals (UbiComposer), and a runtime system (UbiCompRun). Read more about the framework on our site and download the code from github.

UbiComposer and UbiCompRun will also be soon available on Google Play.

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