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NTNU is a university with a broad academic scope, and with main focus on technology and the natural sciences. The university has 7 faculties and 53 departments, about 20 000 students and 4800 staff. NTNU has the national responsibility for graduate engineering education in Norway. It offers an extensive range of subjects and programs of study.


NTNU research has an international focus:  about 2000 R&D projects at any time, more than 100 laboratories, participant in more than 60 projects in the European Commission’s 6th and 7th framework programs. NTNU is at the leading edge in 6 strategic areas that address the key societal challenges where NTNU is especially qualified to make a contribution:

NTNU has extensive strategic cooperation with SINTEF.


Department of Telematics (ITEM)

Department of Telematics belongs to the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. The department hosts 20 faculty and over 40 PhD students performing teaching and research in the area of Telematics.

Telematics research is organized in 3 areas: networks, networked services and information security.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies:


Department of Telematics has an extensive experience in:

  • EU and Norwegian research projects, such as PATS, SARDAS, SIMS, ISIS
  • decades of years in model-driven service engineering (rapid, modular and incremental development of real-time collaborative services, e.g. TIMe, SPACE method, UML tool Ramses and collaboration-oriented tool Arctis);
  • service composition formal modeling and validation (formal methods, e.g. cTLA).

Role in the project:


Department of Telematics will contribute with:

  • designing methods for flexible dynamic composition of collaborative services from fine-grained reusable building blocks;
  • providing support to end-users for the specification of glue logic between service components;
  • developing theoretical solutions and proof-of-concept tools for flexible, safe and meaningful runtime dynamic composition of collaborative services.

Interest in project results:


Department of Telematics is interested in creating new knowledge and values (research results, experience, education), further dissemination in the form of journal and conference publications, PhD and MSc theses; enriching the education process in the Department and the University by creating and teaching new industrially successful methods, tools, exercises, lectures, topics. 

Published February 24, 2009

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