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Gintel is an independent software vendor building solutions and providing platforms/applications to telecommunication operators.

Relevant skills/experience/technologies:

Gintel’s solutions and approaches to service creation and composition proved to change the way in which operators compose and deliver services to enterprise customers. Offering a range of feature rich applications, including the Easy Virtual PBX solution, Gintel is uniquely equipped to leverage both its rich heritage of legacy telco experience and cutting-edge IT technologies.

Gintel’s customers, who are service and network providers, benefit from a growing range of business focused applications and custom service creation capabilities that extend innovation and dramatically reduce time to deployment cycles by allowing service composition on the fly, minimising the risk of new service delivery. Such applications and capabilities are quite relevant in approaching the issue of end-user service composition.



Role in the project:


Gintel will provide a set of services, tools, and technologies to be used as part of the overall UbiCompForAll architecture and platform. These services, tools, and technologies will be based on today existing telecommunication platforms, however adapted to fit the needs of service composition for end-users. We will exploit our 15 years experience working with service platforms in general, and service creation and composition frameworks in particular, to pave the way for a more practical and realistic approach to the issues handled by the project in general.



Interest in project results:


Gintel is interested in developing a service composition framework that makes it both easier and more flexible for end-users to compose their services as part of their subscription agreement with a service or network provider. Gintel hopes for a practical approach as well as tools and mechanisms that could be utilized and realized in today’s – and eventually near future’s – telecommunication systems.

Published February 24, 2009

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