R/V ' Gunnerus' Performance improvements by the propulsion system retrofit.

One of the vessels investigated in the SIMVAL project, NTNU's research vessel 'Gunnerus', was converted from twin

skeg shaft-line propellers with rudders to Permanent Magnet driven AZiMuth Thrusters (PMAZM) in 2015.

The pictures to the left displays the after body of 'Gunnerus' with the propulsion arrangements before and after the retrofit.

Please read more in this document: "RV Gunnerus Propulsion system retrofit"


New partner in SimVal

  • Havyard Design & Solutions become a new partner in the project as of June 2015. Two of their vessel designs are to be used as case vessels.

OMAE 2015 papers and presentations

The project partners prepared and presented 5 papers in a special OMAE 2015 session on" Marine Simulation Models and Their Validation Techniques (SESSION 6-1-1)". OMAE 2015 took place in St. Johns, Newfoundland May 31 – June 5. The papers were presented in two sessions. Session 6-1-1 contained the following papers:

  • Sergey Gavrilin and Sverre Steen: Uncertainty of Sea Trials Results Used for Validation of Ship Manoeuvring Simulation Models
  • Katrien Eloot, Guillaume Delefortrie, Marc Vantorre and Frans Quadvlieg: Validation of ship manoeuvring in shallow water through free-running tests
  • Felipe R. Masetti, Pedro C. de Mello and Eduardo A. Tannuri: Validation of a Modular Mathematical Model for Low-Speed Maneuvering using Small Scale Tests with an Oceanographic Research Vessel
  • Vahid Hassani, Ørjan Selvik, Andrew Ross, Dariusz Fathi, Florian Sprenger, Tor Einar Berg: Time domain simulation model for research vessel Gunnerus

In session 6-1-4 Marine Simulation Models II/Canadian Shipbuilding III the paper:

  • Andrew Ross, Vahid Hassani, Ørjan Selvik, Edvard Ringen, Dariusz Fathi: Identification of nonlinear manoeuvring model tests for marine vessels using planar motion mechanism tests

was presented.

Dynamic Positioning Conference, October 13-14, 2015

Marine Cybernetics presented a paper at the DP Conference in Houston in October. The title of the paper was " DynCap – Full scale validation of a vessel's station-keeping capability analysis" by Øyvind Smogeli, Dong Trong Nguyen, Kristoffer Eida and Luca Pivano.

UTC and SimVal VeSim workshop

In November, Rolls-Royce Marine and MARINTEK held a VeSim workshop in Ulsteinvik. It was a combined UTC ( and SimVal workshop. This workshop investigated several aspects of simulation, from manoeuvring to DP, of the case vessels analysed in SIMVAL.

New captive model tests with NTNU research vessel Gunnerus

Additional PMM tests on R/V Gunnerus have also been performed in MARINTEKs large towing tank in November 2015. Many static drift tests were performed, in addition to a large array of dynamic PMM tests. The tests were conducted first with and then without propulsion. These tests were used to augment and improve earlier results gathered during SIMVAL.

The picture shows a model of R/V Gunnerus in MARINTEK's large towing tank

Open water tests with a thruster at different advance angles

In November 2015 MARINTEK performed open water tests with a Steerprop 35 CRP thruster, with the purpose of building a propulsion model of the thruster. This work will form part of a new simulation model for the case vessel to be created in cooperation with Havyard.


Sea trials for offshore vessel "Island Condor" – November 2014

  • The vessel was delivered from the yard VARD Breik to Island Offshore on November 13th 2014. Researchers from project partners performed a number of dedicated manoeuvring ad DP tests during the vessel's maiden voyage from the yard to Stavanger. No calm weather period occurred during the voyage

Captive model tests for offshore vessel "Island Condor" – May 2014

  • The Hexapod tests took place in MARINTEK's Towing tank. Tests were made with propellers and rudders mounted on the model.

Call for papers – SIMMAN 2014

Workshop dates: 8th - 10th December 2014

  • Deadline for submission of data for the workshop: 1st July 2014
  • Deadling for submission of papers and posters: 1st October 2014

For more information check the official workshop web page at

Captive model tests for LNG ferry "Landegode" – November 2013

  • The Hexapod tests took place in MARINTEK's Towing tank. Tests were made with propellers and rudders mounted on the model. 

Harsh weather sea trials for NTNU research vessel "Gunnerus" – October 2013

  • A series of harsh weather manoeuvring tests were planned for execution late October. The weather was rather good during the tests that took place close to the island Hitra. Turning circles in waves were performed.

Workshop on verification and validation of shiphandling simulation models

  • A workshop on "Verification and Validation" was arranged at Flanders Hydraulics Research in Antwerp 3rd October 2013.

 Captive model tests NTNU research vessel "Gunnerus" August 2013.

  • A series of Hexapod tests were completed in MARINTEK's towing tank late August 2013. Test was done with naked hull, no rudders/propellers/thrusters.

Sea trials with Torghatten Nord's LNG ferry "Landegode" August 2013.

  • Sea trials included manoeuvres given in IMO's "Standards for Ship Manoeuvrability" (IMO Resolution MSC.137(76)) and selected low speed tests. Video from trials is linked here.

Sea trials with NTNU's research vessel "Gunnerus" August 2013.

  • Sea trials included manoeuvres given in IMO's "Standards for Ship Manoeuvrability" (IMO Resolution MSC.137(76)) and selected low speed tests. Video from trials is linked here.

Project presented at RCN – MPA MOU meeting in Oslo 3rd June 2013

  • T. E. Berg (MARINTEK) presented the project at the Research Council of Norway and Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore Memorandum of Understanding meeting in Oslo 3rd June 2013. 


Published May 15, 2013