This part is a list of papers, presentations, articles written by project participants – especially important for PhD and PostDoc candidates.

This page will contain a list of important background documents and documents prepared as part of the project.

Background documents:

  • ITTC (2011): The Manoeuvring Committee – Final report and recommendations to the 26th ITTC. 26th ITTC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 28 August – 3 September, 2011
  • ITTC (2008): Testing and Extrapolation Methods Manoeuvrability – Free Running Model Tests, ITTC – Recommended Procedures and Guidelines 7.5 – 02 06 01, 2008
  • ITTC (2005) Testing and Extrapolation Methods Manoeuvrability – Captive Model Test Procedures, ITTC – Recommended Procedures and Guidelines 7.5 – 02 06 02, 2005
  • Frederic Stern and Kristian Agdrup (editors): SIMMAN 2008 Preprints of Workshop proceedings, Force Technology and Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research. Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008

Project specific documents:

  • Ø. Selvik, T. E. Berg and S. Gavrilin: Sea trials for validation of shiphandling simulation models – a case study
  • International Maritime and Port Technology and Development Conference, MTEC 2014, Trondheim, 27-29 October 2014.


Several papers were presented at the OMAE 2015 conference in St. Johns (Newfoundland) 30 May – 6 June 2015.

The following papers with reference to the SIMVAL project were presented in:

Symposia: Ocean Engineering (SYMP6)

Topic: Advanced Ship Hydromechanics and Marine Technology (TOPIC 6-1)

Session: Marine Simulation Models and Their Validation Techniques (SESSION 6-1-1)

  • Vahid Hassani, Ørjan Selvik, Andrew Ross, Dariusz Fathi, Florian Sprenger, Tor Einar Berg; Time Domain Simulation Model for Research Vessel Gunnerus OMAE2015-41786,
  • Sergey Gavrilin, Sverre Steen; Uncertainty of Sea Trials Results Used for Validation of Ship Manoeuvring Simulation Models OMAE2015-41887
  • Katrien Eloot, Guillaume Delefortrie, Marc Vantorre, Frans Quadvlieg; Validation of ship manoeuvring in shallow water through free-running tests OMAE2015-41912
  • Felipe R. Masetti, Pedro C. de Mello, Eduardo A. Tannuri; Validation of a Modular Mathematical Model for Low-Speed Maneuvering using Small Scale Tests with an Oceanographic Research Vessel OMAE2015-42225


Session: Marine Simulation Models and Their Validation Techniques (SESSION 6-1-4)

  • Andrew Ross, Vahid Hassani, Ørjan Selvik, Edvard Ringen, Dariusz Fathi; Identification of Nonlinear Manoeuvring Models for Marine Vessels using Planar Motion Mechanism Tests OMAE2015-41789

Dynamic Positioning Conference, October 13-14, 2015

  • Øyvind Smogeli, Dong Trong Nguyen, Kristoffer Eida and Luca Pivano.; DynCap – Full scale validation of a vessel's station-keeping capability analysis



Published May 15, 2013