Information about the project:

The main objective of the project is to develop and apply a method for validation of numerical ship models used in engineering tools for studies of ships' manoeuvring performance in deep and restricted waters and ship handling training simulators. This will be done by comparing outcomes of numerical simulation models to measured responses from sea trials of selected case vessels.

Project layout:
In this project two approaches will be used. The primary one will be to compare numerical model outcomes with deep water field test results for specific case vessels. Initial sea trials will be done in calm water. For some of the case vessels additional harsh weather sea trials will be made. The second approach will be used for shallow water effects where model outcomes are compared to free-sailing tests of ship models in manoeuvring basin with variable water depth. The validation process is illustrated in the figure below.

Project period: April 2013 – December 2016

Budget: 18 + 4 mill. NOK

In order to fulfill the project objectives the following research work packages have been defined:

Scientific resource group members:

  • Professor Sverre Steen, Department of Marine Technology, NTNU.
  • Professor Marc Vantorre, Ghent University.
  • Katrien Eloot, Flanders Hydraulics Research
  • Professor Eduardo Aoun Tannuri,  Tanque de Provas Numérico – University of São Paulo.
  • Professor Etsuro Shimizu, Tokyo University of Science and Technology.
  • Capt. Gopala Krishnan (MI@SP)
  • Andrew Ross, MARINTEK
  • Tor Einar Berg, MARINTEK

Published May 15, 2013