Practical advancements based upon the new knowledge and solutions is realized through pilot testing. The case-based research approach is useful for testing the feasibility of the theoretical methods and frameworks developed. This approach ensures close collaboration between research and industry partners, where real-life existing pilot projects are used for testing and development.

The aim is to test and implement the potential solutions and methods developed in the project in actual pilots.  In the Futurebuilt programme, there are several new reuse pilot projects that will be closely linked to the REBUS project work. The broad network of the partners thus brings additional industry involvement into the project. Furthermore, a material toolbox will be developed as a decision support framework to initiate manufacturers and suppliers to produce healthy and sustainable building products and making it easier for developers and designers to choose such products.

The research question that will be addressed here is "How can new knowledge and solutions for reuse be tested for efficient implementation in practice in the Norwegian construction industry?"

Main tasks 

  • Pilot testing and comparative assessment in selected case studies at building level
  • Develope material tool box, which will be a scalable process that helps decision makers to evaluate the technical performance and impact of different types of products


  • Scientific publication for how reuse products will be evaluated based on different stakeholders needs and project context
  • Material tool box