User requirements

What underlying factors, attitudes, perceptions, motivations, challenges and opportunities drive different stakeholders to reuse building materials?

Even though reuse is a well-known concept, it is still not commonly applied in the construction industry. A construction project involves many different types of stakeholders and users, who all have their own needs and priorities. The impact of this 'human factor' is not well understood. What are the causes behind the lack of social acceptance of material reuse?

This work package maps and analyses the knowledge, behaviours and social aspects that influence the acceptance of reusable building materials among key stakeholders. The stakeholders include:

a) users: project designers and architects, builders and contractors

b) developers of documentation: consultants and developers of existing documentation

c) suppliers of construction products

d) social players: politicians and citizens

The specific needs for solutions, documentation and communication of different user groups are analysed through surveys, interviews, focus groups and workshops.