Networking and procurement

How can network strategies affect users' attitudes and behaviour that lead to more sustainable consumption?

The aim of REBUS is to develop knowledge for a more effective reuse of building materials and a circular built environment. One of the ways to spread knowledge on this, is through learning about reuse of building materials in social networks.

The environmental psychology research group at INN explores how participation in the network influences norms, plans and initiatives of implementation of reuse of building materials in the firms. The REBUS network builds on experiences from the network for climate adaptation created in Klima2050, and research on networks between municipalities. The focus is on participants sharing their experiences on drivers and hindrances on reuse, to find solutions for implementation together. Between the meetings the participants get “homework” involving colleagues in their own firm.

REBUS has established a network with 8 firms, with two participants from each firm. The network is led by Oslobygg (Oslo municipality) together with the Inland Norway university of applied sciences (Høgskolen i Innlandet, INN) with help from the business partners in REBUS. Most of the participating firms are consultant companies, together with a production firm and Oslobygg.

The first network meeting in REBUS was conducted on 22 September. There will be four meetings over a year, with the last meeting in June 2022. The topics presented and discussed are: examples on reuse projects and materials, barriers and drivers for reuse, innovation, user guides, public procurement, laws and regulation.